Roles and permissions

There is a considerable amount of local administration available as roles and permissions in the Edutorium suite. Large universities might prefer to handle more of the internal configuration of the tools, while smaller universities prefer to rely on us for more technical support.


By default, Edutorium Course Management System comes with a handful of roles out of the box like User coordinator, Administrator, Config administrator.

Custom roles with a specific set of permissions can be created on demand.


Permissions authorizes a user to perform specific actions. There are many, very specific permission in EDCMS and they are bundled together into roles.

Custom permissions can be created on demand.

Aren't workflow roles too?

We've chosen to split roles from workflow. A role is something you are, a workflow defines what you can do. This reduces complexity significantly and provides a clear separation from administering the system from using the system. See the workflow feature page.

They trusted us:

After a frustrating year of trying to get another CMS on the air, it was a great relief to enter into a cooperation agreement with Norweb. Edutorium had most of the systematics and capabilities we needed at BI, and where we needed more, Norweb's developers showed forward-looking and solution-oriented and with a great deal of flexibility. So we ended up with a product that was very well adapted to our processes and workflow

Eivind Bergem
Director of Education Quality
BI Norwegian Business School