Rich media

Don't let a dry wall of text turn away prospective students. Use images and video to stand out.

Responsive images

When you upload an image, several versions will be created automatically behind the scenes. The different image sizes will be used in different context depending on how big the image should be on the page, as well as the width of the page. This will ensure that the portal is super-fast even if you're on a mobile device with low resolution.

Stream video through YouTube, Vimeo and others

Videos can easily be added to your rich content to enhance the user experience even further.


Easily create galleries when one image is not enough.

They trusted us:

After a frustrating year of trying to get another CMS on the air, it was a great relief to enter into a cooperation agreement with Norweb. Edutorium had most of the systematics and capabilities we needed at BI, and where we needed more, Norweb's developers showed forward-looking and solution-oriented and with a great deal of flexibility. So we ended up with a product that was very well adapted to our processes and workflow

Eivind Bergem
Director of Education Quality
BI Norwegian Business School