Historical Import

Once descriptions are inside our Edutorium Course Management System, you're all set. Chances are you already have huge amounts of data from earlier years and collecting all resources into one repository makes sense for both archival and retrieval considerations. We'll help you digitize historical records and publish them in the same interface as your current content for a stream-lined and intuitive experience.


With advances in technology, content format will change over time. If you have old content in PDFs, more recent content in a different system, we can import it into EDCAT.

Unified design

Although the content structure may change over time, we can make imported content have the same look and feel with content imported from EDCMS.

Integrated navigation

Whether content is fetched from EDCMS, or imported from other sources, all versions of a piece of content will be available from the same quick-access menu.

They trusted us:

After a frustrating year of trying to get another CMS on the air, it was a great relief to enter into a cooperation agreement with Norweb. Edutorium had most of the systematics and capabilities we needed at BI, and where we needed more, Norweb's developers showed forward-looking and solution-oriented and with a great deal of flexibility. So we ended up with a product that was very well adapted to our processes and workflow

Eivind Bergem
Director of Education Quality
BI Norwegian Business School