Advanced and data-rich reports

Edutorium Course Management System comes with a handful of reports both for content status overview and system "health". Each report can be defined with their unique permission making it possible to have different roles accessing different sets of reports

Default reports

Need to find out how the program descriptions belonging to the institute for Philosophy are doing? Or how many course descriptions are still stuck on gate X for the Faculty of Natural Sciences?

What if you need to see how "Learning outcome", "Course content" and "exam type" have changed together over time in study program Y?

Our report tool will give you the answer with just a few clicks.

Custom reports

Our default reports should give you everything you need. Sometimes though, there are processes that are better handled differently. This follows our vision of modelling the tool to your needs, not the other way around. If you really need a list of specific fields in an excel format so you can create your own pivot tables, this can be created on demand.

Many manual processes could be done more efficiently and safely using generated reports. Identifying how a report should work or contain can be difficult since you're used to a specific way of working. We'd love to hear more about your internal routines in order to empower you to work more efficiently!

They trusted us:

After a frustrating year of trying to get another CMS on the air, it was a great relief to enter into a cooperation agreement with Norweb. Edutorium had most of the systematics and capabilities we needed at BI, and where we needed more, Norweb's developers showed forward-looking and solution-oriented and with a great deal of flexibility. So we ended up with a product that was very well adapted to our processes and workflow

Eivind Bergem
Director of Education Quality
BI Norwegian Business School