About us

One source to rule them all

The Edutorium Platform is built and maintained by Norweb AS, a Norwegian Software house focusing on Software-as-a-Service solutions for Higher Education.

Norweb AS was founded by Svein Iversen (CEO) and Agnar Ødegård (CTO) in 2010 and have offices in beautiful Trondheim.


Our mission is to help increase efficiency and quality in higher education by creating tools that solve real problems. We do this by removing fear, uncertainty and doubt by adapting the platform to the user, not the other way around.


Our vision is to be the preferred system in the higher education sector globally to increase efficiency, quality, and instill confidence in each user.


The first version of Edutorium (then called Emweb) was built in 2011 in cooperation with the Sør-Trøndelag University College (now NTNU). At that time, there were no tools solving their needs that were readily available. Having worked with us in Norweb AS in the past, they approached us again with the idea of creating a system to ensure high quality in everything related to course descriptions.

Functionality and the level of ambitions grew as we expanded on the system. The overall goal was to align recommendations from the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education with existing best practies. In order to achieve this, we decided not to build a specific system for HiST, but a general system for all universities to get as much input on best practices as possible.

Today, the Edutorium suite of tools is a result of years of experience and feedback from many institutions in Norway. Every single line of code has been rewritten at least once. Some subsystems, like the gateflow module, is in it's 4th iteration. As the adage goes, Rome was not built in a day.

The higher education sector is not spoiled with tools to increase quality of both work and results. We know how complicated things can be with old traditions on "how things are done" and the resistance to change. It is our hope that these experiences are reflected in the systems we have designed and built.

They trusted us:

After a frustrating year of trying to get another CMS on the air, it was a great relief to enter into a cooperation agreement with Norweb. Edutorium had most of the systematics and capabilities we needed at BI, and where we needed more, Norweb's developers showed forward-looking and solution-oriented and with a great deal of flexibility. So we ended up with a product that was very well adapted to our processes and workflow

Eivind Bergem
Director of Education Quality
BI Norwegian Business School